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Since 2008 YFU Germany is the chosen exchange organization of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts to organize the scholarship program “Botschafter Bayerns” (“Ambassadors of Bavaria”). This outstanding cooperation creates opportunities for selected students from Bavarian schools to spend one year abroad.

This year, fifteen students have again been awarded a scholarship. They are going to spend their YFU-exchange year in Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Romania and South Africa as “Bavarian Ambassadors”.

While handing out the scholarship certificates during a ceremony in Munich in the beginning of July, head of section at the Ministry Herbert Püls pointed out the relevance of the students being representatives of their own culture abroad while curiously exploring a new country. “Spending one year abroad with their host families, the young people will not only broaden their active language knowledge but also improve their social and intercultural skills, Püls said. In an increasingly globalized world these important skills might be of great value for their future career.”

Alumni from Bavaria to India 14/15, Sophia Dietrich, spoke about her experience at the event, and is one of out many young Bavarians that has been given the chance to participate in intercultural exchange thanks to the scholarship program from the Bavarian State Ministry of Education. Photo; courtesy of Steffen Leiprecht